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Treatment options

Various therapy options are used to treat mental diseases. Since mental diseases affect the physical, the mental, and the psychosocial spheres, our comprehensive treatment consists of therapies that address all three areas.

There are various locations and timeframes for treatment; these are adjusted to the individual disease manifestations of the affected person.

In addition to undergoing medical therapy, it is important for affected persons and their family members to acquire knowledge on mental diseases and their therapy.

Below we have put together information on treatment options that we offer in our facilities.

Forms of treatment

Outpatient, inpatient, home, telemedicine, or a mixture of all: there are various forms of psychiatric, as well as psychosomatic treatment. All common forms of treatment are explained below.

Medication therapy

Medication is used in psychiatric treatments. These so-called psychotropic medications have an effect on the metabolism in the brain and therefore on the psyche. Correctly dosed and in combination with other therapeutic treatment, they can provide good support for affected patients. Depending on the clinical picture, different types of psychotropic medications can help, which are explained here.